Born in 1948 in Manchester’s inner city, Marilyn dreamed of Art College after leaving school in the 1960s. However, there were few opportunities for artist and so she followed a successful career in finance.

Finally retiring as a Company Secretary to a German manufacturing company in 2010, it gave Marilyn the time to indulge her passion for Art and in partucular, for painting.
She now divides her time between her home in Deganwy, North Wales and her studio in Stockport, Cheshire.

“I have been painting continuously for since 2004 developing my own style. Working in oils and with palette knives gives my work the texture and individuality I have been concentrating on. Colour and texture are my main aims give traditional scenes a more contemporary edge.”

Her early influences were most certainly the old masters, including Rembrandt, Vemeer and Turner. But latterly more contemporary artists who work with a knife, such as Kyffin Williams and Alan Cotton, did the most to channel the direction of Marilyn’s style and ambitions.

“Spending so much time in Wales, the welsh coastline and landscape have inspired much of my work. Welsh artists also have a rich history of working with painting knives and developing a very ‘Welsh’ look to local art. I think this has inspired me the most in the development of my work.”

Marilyn has also enjoyed considerable success in exhibitions and competitions. Most recently, she was one of seven artists selected by the prestigious Bebb and Sekers Gallery in Alderley Edge where her work was very well received and sold well.

Please take some time to look at Marilyn’s gallery of work and feel free to contact her via her email.

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